Friday, February 23, 2018


Mia Kylie Ditta

This brilliant musician, songwriter & singer got her start at age 2 and sang publically at age 5 — as lead solo in her school play, Cinderella.

Her biggest day in the music industry started at age 12 — the summer of 2015 when her family brought her all the way from New Orleans to Real II Reel to make her first album with Marshall Block and Nick Trevisick.

Mia plays piano and is currently learning new levels of guitar. Marshall helped with chords during a one on one studio lesson during her recording sessions. Her pop & electric pop music are ever growing. “My writing is about real life happening,” Mia says. “Some of the best songs simply pop into my head and I have to doodle them out — even if I'm in Algebra class. I just don't want to miss an idea or cool thought.”

After meeting Marshall & Nick at Launch in Chicago, Mia, along with her support group (family), knew that they met the right music producers at the right time. Now the trip to Michigan will continue to repeat while she records her album. Mia's strong 2nd place finish at Launch among the top 5 singers is a big deal, considering the event attracts incredible talent from all over the world.

Her inspiration is Taylor Swift because of her positive lyrics, courage & power to change genre. Her goal is to put her personal mark on music so that the listener can connect emotionally and remember how the song impacted their life. When people think of Pop, she wants them to immediately think of Mia!