Saturday, January 20, 2018


TW3 Entertainment Lab Kitchen Joins Real II Real

When “Lab Kitchens” Collide you get an explosive creative energy and entertainment grip that will knock your Santa Monica sandals off for some winterized boots in Detroit! Real II Reel music producers are happy to announce their next upcoming project with TW3 Entertainment, Inc. and TW3 Studios, Inc.

Producers Tom Walsh and Allan Landon, along with new recording artist Asher Brookz will be joining our studio for the making of a brand new album. Tom is an award winning writer-director-producer and founded/established TW3 Entertainment to focus on creative, original entertainment projects that transport audiences to unique fantasy worlds unlike anything they have yet to experience, imagine or hear.

Asher Brookz knew the moment he met Tom Walsh that they would work well together in the “Lab Kitchen”.

At TW3, they call the musicdevelopment room the "LAB KITCHEN" where songs are fully developed and creative ingredients added. Tom and Asher met while Asher sang “Fire On The Run Way” at a party. From that song on, it has been a divine working connection. The same applies when Tom Walsh and Marshall Block worked together on a movie project called "Dwegons & Leprechauns".

In the “Lab Kitchen”, each talent adds their own culinary (musical) gift to create a sweet songful palate! Allan is the quality control,temperature gage known as the "Hound". Tom is the Spice expert — we all need lots of spices in the kitchen — and he measures just the right amount when a project is cooking. Asher grows the food organically from the ground. Now when you take a “Lab Kitchen” from the West Coast and bring it to “Motor City” — Rock City Detroit East Side — they’re just may be an explosion or eruption of wild and crazy new music!