Friday, February 23, 2018



Kyle Little

Kyle Little is a new rising & refreshing rap artist that has a unique vocal talent that matches his wit of writing lyrics. This vocalist also plays keyboard and shared that his music evolved from emotional story lines and turned into happier tunes & lyrics as his music career progressed.  Kyle met Marshall Block years ago at the Michigan’s Got Talent as he went solo representing  Hip Hop for The Popstar Competition, Kyle kept winning rounds to the finals then found himself at the Clio Amphitheatre winning the “Crowds Choice” with the voice meter vote!

He started recording at Real II Reel in 2011 when he decided to hire Marshall as his professional producer. Kyle has become the favorite Hip Hop of the studio according to Marshall & Nick. His first song brought tears to Marshall because of the melodic creativity with “I can Be Romeo” brought Marshall back to 1964 doo-wop group from Detroit...The Reflections “Just Like Romeo & Juliet” song which is now in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It tugged on Marshall because his first partner Ray Steinberg in the music industry actually was part of The Reflections!

Since he recorded five songs and is working towards his first full album, Kyle shares that his experience have no words to describe although he is pretty whimsical and creative when it comes to writing lyrics. He does indicate from the heart that –each visit to studio gives a new surprise of inspiration and that he knows he is in the right place at the right time with the right people. He looks forward to visiting the environment on a consistent basis and says, “there’s no place he’d rather be outside of his family."

It was once said by another producer, “ Kyle is the Lockness Monster of Hip Hop! Because of this profound remark, Kyle actually dedicated an actual song to Real II Reel called “Lockness Monster”, with the favorite line “There’s Sharks in the water and I feel I’m tied up in seedweed”. RIIR dropped a line down to save me from sinking. Now I dive into the music, it comes alive when I’m singing.

One of the favorite melt down songs that recently received a rap -hip hop version is the Maestro Dick Wagner's song, " I'll Take A Bullet For You".  Dick Wagner & Marshall Block at Real II Reel worked guitar as Kyle rapped to the classic love tune. For more information on the Dick Wagner Memorial Concert go to: www.dickwagnerrememberthechild.org