Friday, February 23, 2018


TESTIMONIAL ~ "I felt very lucky when I was one of the performers to go to Launch Showcase. That's when I met Marshall and Jaunty from Real II Reel. They made me feel comfortable right from the start like I was family. I would say I was ecstatic, I cannot tell you or explain how happy they made me! Now I would love to return the favor and make them as happy as I was. Thank's Marshall and Jaunty for giving me this incredible opportunity. I hope I can do you both proud!"

BIO ~ Born in Knoxville Tennessee I've been involved in Country Music singing at an early age. I'm a veteran of talent show's! I love to entertain large crowds of people. I was discovered at ProScout, a nation wide scouting event by Lynn - Clarke Geiner who is the President of Traque International. From there I attended Launch Showcase where I got involved with Real II Reel Productions. Now I am in the process of making my first single! My dreams are actually becoming a reality!