Saturday, January 20, 2018


Recording Studio Fenton

The main studio is 22 by 26 feet with a cathedral ceiling and a beautiful northern view of the surrounding ten acre private forest with nature trail.

We call it our Inside-Outside Studio because the artist has all of the benefits of a high-density urban facility with none of the distractions and sterility associated with city-based studios.

We feature a total of five isolation rooms complete with two-way video feeds and headphone playback monitoring with individually customized sub mixing capability.

What this means to artists on a budget is much faster recording sessions and no individual complaints about the headphone mix because each individual artist is totally in control of their own headphone mix.

Five acoustically isolated recording rooms greatly reduces the number of overdubbing situations and allows for fixing individual parts without the necessity of having all of the musicians replay the take.

The two-way video feeds allow for the all-important eye-to-eye contact and verbal communication during the tracking sessions.