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Real II Reel produced the song "Lady's Touch" by the group Mariner that landed a spot on Showtimes Oscar-nominated Series "SHAMELESS" in 2013

The Academy Award winning Paramont film, "The Fighter", starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, Real II Reel produced part of the soundtrack in this film, "You Can't Hide Your Love".
Oscar winner, Melissa Leo,  in "The Fighter", also performs the voice of "Sophia" in our next film "The Dwegons".

Keyna Darling Zero To Ten, "Breakthrough Country Artist Of The Year 2006" from New Music Weekly. Real II Reel co-produced the music for this album with Brent Baxter Barrett and Randy Lynch.

Real II Reel produced a song in the Fox T.V. Show "Sons Of Tucson"


Real II Reel produced "ALL" of the music for the computer animated band "The Cave Flyers" in this delightful animated movie.
Available now on DVD!

The Paramont film The Love Guru, starring Mike Myers, Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake. Calm Before The Thunder was produced and mastered by Real II Reel Productions.

Real II Reel Productions, inc.

Welcome to Real II Reel Productions!

Real II Reel Productions is a full service recording studio located within a 50 mile radius of 12 major Michigan cities including, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Novi, Pontiac, Fenton, Holly, Grand Blanc, Brighton and Howell.

Our production team includes world-class producers, engineers, musicians, arrangers, songwriters and vocal coaches.

Our productions have appeared in major motion pictures and prime time television shows, most recently in the Academy Award winning film "The Fighter" . Many of our artists have received awards nationally and locally.Recording Studio Equipment Wall

Real II Reel Produced all the music for the animated band "The Cave Flyers" for the soon-to-be released film "The Dwegons" produced and directed by Tom Walsh of Enteraktion Studios at our sister facility in Van Nuys, California. Melissa Leo, who won an Oscar for"The Fighter" did the voice-over character "Butterfly McDweg" in The Dwegons.

We also specialize in voice-over work and forensic audio.

Our voice-over work has appeared in all the training modules for the Disney Corporation Worldwide.

Our forensic audio department has serviced many law enforcement agencies, private investigators and attorneys.

Recording Institute of Detroit

Unlike most traditional recording studios, Real II Reel Productions has an extensive network of producers, arrangers, songwriters and musicians who can help the artist realize their musical goal and vision.

Many of our recording professionals work full-time in the music business and many have Grammy and Platinum credits.

Real II Real Productions has been in business since 1995. All of our engineers are graduates of The Recording Institute of Detroit. Robert Dennis founded the Recording Institute of Detroit, he was the Chief Mastering Engineer at Motown Records, and also was a founding partner of Real II Reel Productions along with its current President, Marshall Block.



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We're giving back!
We're not just a world-class recording studio.
Real II Reel provides annual support for local charities through fundraising events such as TalentQuest and more.
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