Monday, October 23, 2017

Real II Reel In "Music Connection"

While Real II Reel was in LA to "shop our Artists" Marshall and I were invited by Larry Weir (the #1 independent record promoter in the country, "National Record Promotions") to attend the Independent Music Network's Summer Radio Special that was "LIVE STREAM" from Tom Weir's "Studio City Sound". Real II Reel Artist Kianna Ryan joined us along with Masika, Host Michael Damian, comedian/co-host Jason Rennebu.
We were stoked when we saw a snippet (page35) from Real II Reel's visit at "Studio City Sound in the "MUSIC CONNECTION Magazine, what an honor!!

A huge "Special" thanks to all the crew (you know who you are) at Studio City who gave Real II Reel an unforgettable "Red Carpet" welcome, It was a "REAL" honor to be there and we had a blast hanging out, just know Real II Reel will forever carry these special moments in our hearts. Thank you for your hospitality Larry, Masika & Studio City!♥ Catch the "Summer Radio Special" ~ http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/